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Boat Lipa moja:

Boat Lipa moja was built in Split in 1914.
It is 16 meters long and 4.4 meters wide.
It's been with us since 2003.
In 2017 a major reconstruction was done and the capacity has been increased to 67 passengers.
The boat is meant to be use for excursions: whole day, half a day and panoramic.
We also do birthday celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette nights and we also had two weddings.
Lipa moja is a regular at the famous boat Marathon on the river Neretva and on the boat race on the island of Korčula.
We organize themed school field trips through the river Neretva, continuing through the delta of Neretva to the Small see to the Pelješac peninsula all the way to the village of Mali Ston.
Contact us with reliance.

Mali Brod:

Boat Mali is provided for groups up to 10 people. The excursions are agreed on the wishes of the passengers.
It's possible to rent by the hour, half a day or the whole day, with or without food.
For the boat Mali everything can be agreed upon so just call us and we will fill all of your requests.

Svebor Gluščević
Owner and captain

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